September 27, 2010

Ever wish life was a musical?

If you’re like me, and tend to be motivated and hyped by music, here’s a small warning: don’t listen to Glee music while at work. On more than one occasion today, I found myself singing along......yup......out loud. I’m pretty sure my cubicle neighbours were wondering if I had completely lost my mind. It can’t be helped though. There are certain work days where you just need that extra “oomph” to get you through the day!

Why is music so inspirational?

I love how it has the ability to take you back to a certain memory. I love how it can encourage you. I love how it can bring on bouts of laughter (especially when you’re listening to a song that suddenly spurs on a dance party with friends). I love how people use songs to express themselves.

I always wished I was a great musician. I tried. Grade nine. It was my time to shine. I decided the saxophone was going to be my instrument of choice – and I was going to make it big. I even went as far as to invest in a saxophone. Most people trying out a new instrument just borrowed from the school. Not me. My ambitions were set high. Why borrow when I could buy? Besides – I needed to be able to practice whenever, and I couldn’t have my schedule work around the availability of the school saxophones. So invest I did. Mistake number 1. Then, in all my aspirations, I decided a good way to get more practice would be to join band. I couldn’t read sheet music and had only owned a saxophone for a week, but I was determined. Mistake number 2. After putting my family through horrendous practices in my room (talk about squeaking....I somehow never mastered the whole “wet reed” thing) and trying to play with sheet music (while all the while thinking I was better at just playing by ear), I decided it wasn’t for me. A year later, I sold my saxophone. Dream over.

Since then I’ve tried taking up the guitar, but never have had the time for lessons. I have one sitting in my room. It’s actually from Colombia when my family was there as missionaries. New dream – to someday sit on the back porch of my parents house and have a little jam session with my dad.

Now to begin learning. 

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