July 22, 2010

I love...

I love the smell of cedar chips (there are two spots on my commute home...I know exactly when they're coming and I quickly roll --- and by roll I mean old fashion crank that window down --- so I can breathe it in).

I love trying a new recipe out. Better yet I love when that recipe is a dynamo success.

I love adventures. I love random jaunts in my boat (yup. I'm a "boat" owner). I love floating down one of our favourite rivers..making up songs...telling stories and just reveling in the beauty.

I love coming across wild life. Happens a lot more to me now that I've moved to the boonies. This morning, I walked out my front door and heard this "thud thud" sound. My first reaction was an increase in my pulse as I quickly scanned around thinking it was probably a bear getting into something. Then I look over to where the shed is, and around the corner comes this little deer...prancing and jumping and going in circles around the shed. He did maybe 3 more loops before he noticed me and then stopped dead in his tracks. Almost looked disappointed that I had interrupted his "play time". Cutest little guy ever!!!

I love how my beater of a car is dying, but that somehow I keep getting to work every day (that's a 40 minute commute each way people). I know it's not luck. It's God looking out for me. He knows I can't afford to fix it or buy a new one. Just living on grace!!

But most of all. Most of all I love God. He never ceases to amaze me. I've mentioned before how much of a blog addict I am. The majority of them have a focus on mindless fashion, photography and the like. But then I occasionally come across one that really challenges me. I love reading those meaningful blogs. The ones where people talk about what they are doing with their lives - how they are serving God in various parts of the world. Those ones inspire me.

On my commute home yesterday I was listening to that song by Hillsong "Lead me to the Cross" - I love the words: "Everything I once held dear, I count it all as loss. Lead me to the cross where your love poured out. Bring me to my knees, Lord I lay me down. Rid me of myself, I belong to you". That last line really hit me. I belong to God. All the things that I think are important can't even compare to God. It's hard sometimes not knowing what the next step is (you know me...I get restless and want to do something new...and ultimately I wish I was getting to be working in the field I studied)...but I have to just continue to trust that God knows best. I'm excited to see what comes of my missions trip to Mexico. Who knows where God could lead me after that?

"Our talents are the gifts that God gives us...What we do with our talents is our gift back to God" - Leo Buscaglia


Julia Ziegler said...

Cool, can I come on a boat ride with you??? :)

Laura E. said...

haha! for sure you can Julia! :) It's just small inflatable though! I say grab one at Walmart (only $20) and then we can both float down the river! SO FUN!

momacita said...

That IS a cool song. So good Lor that the Lord has kept that desire in your heart to help youth...Keep on trusting, He will lead you and HE is NEVER late!! just seems that way to us sometimes. so glad for all he is teaching you right now!!! love you sweetie

Mobachs said...

i LOVE that you blogged again!! YOU are someone who inspires me lor... i love you little sis!


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