March 2, 2010


Yes most addictions are unhealthy. Especially considering it’s defined as “enslaved to a habit”. Those four words are chilling. But I must confess something: I’m addicted to reading blogs. I find them so entertaining. My favourite is when you find one extremely entertaining blog that then mentions another blog that is just as stunning in its layout and narrative. It’s a snowball effect. Is it bad that I currently follow sixteen blogs? Although, of those sixteen, only about six are viewed daily. I’m telling you, I have an addiction. But isn’t the first step to recover admitting you have a problem? :)

I have bid my ado’s to a short lived fever – the Olympics! What an incredible two weeks:

-daily checking the medal count
-two weeks of casual wear at work
- seeing the torch in my city
-two epic trips downtown to experience the hub
-clutching a gold medal in my white glove clad hand
-riding the West Coast Express (posh train) for the first time
-seeing Tina Turner live
-proving my dance skills were BETTER than Tina Turners
-a roller coaster of emotions
-the “family feel” – random strangers interacting like long time friends
-free stuff – always a wonderful treat!
-Canadian pride
-a church potluck coupled with a US vs. Canada hockey game
-everyone’s facebook status’ somehow involving the Olympics (I barely remember what they all used to say BEFORE the Olympics came around)
-leaps of joy when our guys dominated the US in hockey

And then, I heard the words of Jacques Rogge as he declared “...the XXI Olympic Winter Games closed”, and as the crowd booed, I listened in anticipation as he called upon the youth of the world to assemble again in four years. Ok Jacques. If you say so. Looks like I’m taking a trip to Sochi in four years*.

*Just a quick aside: I remember four years ago when they summoned us all to Vancouver for the Olympic games – I remember thinking “oh boy. I wonder if I’ll be around for that. I wonder what I’ll be up to”. Once again, I’m left wondering – where am I going to be in four years? I love the anticipation of the unknown! And of course, the best thing about the future is "that it comes one day at a time" (Abraham Lincoln).



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