June 24, 2013
So it would seem that I go through waves of needing a creative outlet. And every now and then I find myself crawling back to this blog. I don't intentionally abandoned it. I guess I just find myself short on words and I'd rather leave things unwritten then prattle on about boring notions. Although, I guess I'm somewhat doing that right now.

Not sure what my intentions for this blog are quite yet. Am I returning for good? Or just finding myself needing to type some words out and then I'll be gone for years again? Or am I reinventing it? I did change the layout...you like? A little bit more me!

I'm not making any promises of a daily post. I'm just gonna take it one day at a time - after all, these are supposed to be by day-to-day thoughts. Let's see how many thoughts I've got bouncing around inside this noggin of mine! :)


Tara said...

I'm liking this! When I first saw "Laura" in my blogger newsfeed I got excited! It has been a while. Welcome back my friend! :)

Laura E. said...

Thanks T! I kind of forgot about my blog...but there's something therapeutic about getting something typed out. Thanks for reading! :)


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