February 19, 2010

Red Rover

A childhood game? You know it. To be played only by children? ‘H’ no! The anticipation of someone charging at you, the chant running through your head encouraging you to hold on for dear life, the excitement that spills over when you realize you have once again succeeded at gaining another player for your team – all simple joys that should be enjoyed by people of all ages.

So why the red rover plug? I had the immense pleasure of being involved in an Olympic red rover round – O3R as I’d like to refer to it as. Monumental. Historical. Moving. Inspiring. And of course – Hilarious! Last Saturday I hung out downtown with 14 awesome people – scouring the streets to find the free stuff, exploring the pavilions, chumming it up with fellow Canadians. You have to love how the Olympics creates a family feel in the hearts of everyone – you talk to anyone downtown as if you’ve known them for years. Love the community effect!!

Allow me to set the scene for you – four of us have just crossed the street. The rest of our group was caught on the other side by the red light. While waiting for the light to change to green, Andrew has a brilliant idea – “we should challenge them to a game of red rover”. Done and done! We link hands. Hearts quickening. Excitement rising. The light turns yellow. The light turns red. Their light turns green. We scream – “Red Rover Red Rover, we call EVERYONE OVER”. Tearing from the crowd, a lady in red started charging towards us. Our grips tightened. The rest of our group looked on in horror and amazement. After successfully holding her back, and winning her to our side, we exchanged laughs, and she went on her merry way. Our group got across the street, and the questions started firing – “who was that lady?”, “you guys knew her right?”, “was she a family friend?”. Amidst our laughter, we explained that we had absolutely no idea who that stranger had been, but she had, quite obviously, made our day by joining in the fun!

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth” ~ unknown


Anonymous said...

That lady was my Auntie Bertha. She told me all about it!!! Loved it. Thanks for making her day!

Dana Ezzet said...

I hope you know that red rover is a very dangerous game that was banned from schools because of broken arms and whatnot...just saying

Laura said...

Too funny!! Love it! :)


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