February 1, 2010

The Seasons of Life

I don’t normally like analogies. 98% of the time they are too cliché! Guys use car, farming or fishing parallels. Girls use shopping and cooking comparisons. It makes me laugh, especially when the individual is so serious about them. I will confess, though, that there is one analogy that resonates with me – the seasons. I’ve heard people refer to the many different life situations we encounter as “The Seasons of Life” – spring, summer, fall, and winter. Just like with any season, we are always anticipating the next – sometimes loving where we are, but always looking forward to a new time of year.

I’m at a season in my life where I’m learning – learning and waiting. I do love learning things – sometimes challenging stuff, and sometimes little details I never realized. Regardless, new seasons bring growth and I love being able to see myself move forward. Here are a few areas of “growth” that I’ve taken note of. Enjoy!

I’m learning that I will never be ok with eating raw tomatoes.
I’m learning to leave things in God’s hands.
I’m learning that life is one big adventure.
I’m learning that bad things happen to good people – they just do. But with that, I’m learning that God can change even the worst situation into something beautiful!
I’m learning that church politics don’t make sense to me – and I wonder if they ever will!
I’m learning that I love change, but need time to adjust.
I’m learning what patience really means.
I’m learning to budget – so very difficult for me though!
I’m learning to cook!
I’m learning drinking 8 cups of water a day really is good for you.
I’m learning that there are so many different ways to decrease my debt (Norwex anybody?).
I’m learning that it really does matter if I go green.
I’m learning that it breaks my heart when I think about grumpy people – cause there is so much in life to enjoy, why waste it being a grouch?

I'm learning that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.

“You learn something every day if you pay attention” – Ray LeBlond


Lily bean said...

how can you not love raw tomatoes!!! just wait till you get preggers... you will end up craving them!

mom said...

Well Lor....I do love the seasons too, but most of all I love seeing what God brings in each season. (of our lives) There is a GREAT adventure in each one! May you never get so stuck in one, that you fear moving on to the next.
And it takes a lifetime to become the person you SHOULD be, so enjoy the summer sun, roll in the leaves of autumn, play in the snow of winter and smell the flowers of spring....God gives them all to enjoy!!

Laura said...

I totally agree - boo to raw tomatoes! :)
Laura, good thoughts! Life really is one big adventure and there is SO much to learn along the way!

In the toughest season of my life I too couldn't grasp how bad things happen to good people (me, at the time)... but like you said, God can turn it into something beautiful. From that particular situation I learned that it's not my job to understand all the time, but just to trust. So tough!

I like the concept of seasons of life too... because even the tough ones will pass and make us appreciate the good ones even more :)


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