March 22, 2010


It’s a day dreaming kind of day...or week...or month!

Not a whole lot of exciting happenings to report, although the imagination has begun a wild trip down “I Wish” lane – no stopping me now. I’m writing lists and the travel bug has hit me hard once again. On my lunch break today I spent almost the entire time leafing through Lonely Planet guides of Spain, France, Italy and other Western Europe countries. Of course dreams have to start somewhere right?! And expanding your knowledge is step one. You want to travel somewhere, learn about the country. You want to cook exquisite meals, then sift through the recipes.

So besides having an immense urge to once again embark on an adventure to some far off country, I’m trying to find smaller, more manageable dreams to start pursuing. Top of the list is getting in shape for summer. I’ve always been interested in getting more flexible, so I’ve bought myself a Yoga DVD (thanks for the tip Jules) and I’ve been trying to get into the habit (they say a habit takes 30 days so stay tuned on whether I am successful) of doing crunches every night. Plus, I’m up to 5 push-ups. The REAL ones...not the wimpy girl ones!

A second close is finally pursuing what I’m passionate about. I realize that one of the reasons I only stay happy in a job for like 6 months is because I haven’t yet done what I’m passionate about – what gives me a sense of purpose – what makes me feel like I’m contributing and using my giftings. So I’m taking steps towards doing what I feel God has been putting on my heart. Step one: First Aid Certification. I eventually would love to work with youth (whether that be in a school setting as a youth care worker, or at a drop-in center, or wherever else) but almost all require that you have a first aid certificate. So you will be proud to know that I’ve signed up and my class begins tonight. A long 4 hour session after working an 8 hour day, but I’m hoping the information flow will help the time pass quickly. And a definite plus is that we’re required to wear “comfy clothes”. After wearing business attire all day, sweats and a comfy sweater sounds good to me!!!

In the midst of a somewhat dry season of life, I like finding the light at the end of the tunnel. And my inspiration from the day came from a fabulous Psalms: “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life”.

I might rarely know what the heck I’m doing, but thank goodness God does – and thank goodness He’s in charge!!

Back to daydreaming.... 


mom said...

Love the fact that you are on your journey again....well, you never really left, but it sounds like you are excited again about what might be coming. I love the fact that you are helping to complete part of the dream! Yeah for first aid!!! And I am with you on the "Thank Goodness" part. God has it all worked out!! We just need to follow the voice and heed the lighthouse!!


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