March 29, 2010

Where has the day gone?

Amidst thunderstorms, rays of sunshine, and far too many numbers, I find myself a measly 30 minutes from the end of my work day! Where has this Monday gone? While I had hoped to accomplish far more, at the very least I have had a chance to update the look of my blog (thoughts? Be honest now!). As with anything in my life, I need a quick freshener every few months - be it hair, furniture arrangement, pictures that are adorning my workspace - you get tired of the old and wanna bring in the new (I guess I better figure this out before I find me a man...otherwise I'll be switching 'em up like nobodies business!!! haha!).

In the world of news, I'm going to be an auntie again! My darling sister, Bex, has a lime residing in her belly. Well. Not just a lime. And it certainly won't remain the size of a lime (although that would make giving birth a delightful piece of cake!). "It" (since they are leaving the sex a surprise) has taken on the name NUBNN (naked unborn baby no name) - pronounced Nubin, and will be gracing us with "its" presence sometime in October. 

And now I leave you with a promise to start posting more pictures! There's just something about pictures that livens up a blog don't ya think!?!

Off to learn how to save lives (First Aid, class 3) - only 2 more days and I'm certified.

See...change IS always happening! and oh how I love it!


mom said...

WOW the change! But I liked the first one too. You are right though, change IS gret.

I like the "MORE pictures" promise too. Will be checking for that for sure. I am sure you have oodles of pictures I have not seen.

Good job continuing to blog...I thought you might have lost interest, but you keep surprising me! I just need to keep checking.

Love it!!!!

Mobachs said...

love it... so cute!! like i am reading your journal!


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