January 6, 2010

Colour Everywhere

Someone wise once told me that the key to happiness is to relish in each moment God gives you – each breath, each conversation, each interaction, each adventure. So this morning, on my way to work, I decided to forget about the need for speed and the rush of everyday life and just enjoy the drive. Let me tell you, unless everyone else who is driving on the road is also in the mood for such reflection time, you better be geared up to get rammed off the road! I was by no means puttering along (though I usually go at least 10km over the speed limit) but apparently even going JUST the speed limit is not good enough for the working business world. Where exactly does this need to race to work come from? Are people that interested in what they are doing for a living that they have to weave in and out of traffic – at 7:30am no less – to get to their cubicles and keyboards? The skies were blue, the sun was rising, colour was reflecting everywhere – was no one else noticing this? Since the “no cell phone use” law has come into place, I find myself with much more “multi-tasking time” available (do people really keep their eyes on the roads at all time?). With no small, backlit cell phone screen to look at, I find myself taking in my surroundings…and this was just one morning where I wasn’t going to let some uptight drivers ruin it for me! While it may seem small (in comparison to, say, bungee jumping), it was still the most adventurous drive I’ve had to work yet!


MOBACH'S said...

u are a super writter lor....u have a way with words
love u

Tara said...

when i first saw this title i thought it would be about all the facebook colour statuses! hahaha :)


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