January 20, 2010

Self Control

I work in an office. I think I established that already in past posts, but in case you’re reading for the first time, now you know. With an office job, especially when you’re an assistant, comes the somewhat unspoken role of candy provider. Now in recent days, I have been educated on the necessity of having an additional trait that distinguishes you from the rest of the employees you work with (thank you “How I Met Your Mother” for enlightening me on this important matter). You have your “Paper guy” and your “Creepy guy” and your “energetic/talkative girl” ---- the real issue lies in picking your own trait and making sure it’s one that makes you indispensable.

Candy dishes lay scattered around at Focus. My desk is one of at least five places in the office where you can fill your craving needs. I decided early on that I wanted to be “classy/gourmet candy girl”. Forget the cheapo Costco stuff. Forget mints your grandma gave you ions ago. Think Purdy’s chocolates. Think truffles. These are the types of sweets that grace my counter space. It brings a smile to my face seeing the expressions of passerby’s when they realize the luxury that is before them. I love how these individuals attempt to ignore the candy in front of them as they endeavour to finish – or begin – a conversation with me. They know why they are there. I know why they are there. The tension and fake conversation is almost unbearable. But it still makes me smile – on the inside of course – and I let them endure it until they are brave enough to just reach for that truffle.

I must admit though, that while my ambitions were high, I failed to connect the expenses that would accrue. This is especially true considering the vultures that appear from time to time. You know who you are. The vultures are those that come by when I’m not there, sneaking numerous chocolates – knowing if I had been there I would have given them the evil “you take only one or else” glare. There’s no way to prevent the vultures. There’s no cure for the vulture. It’s a harsh reality that us candy dish owners have to come to terms with.

And so, I press on, venturing to maintain my newly established title. I fill my dish with candies in hopes that some low blood sugar individual will stumble upon it and find their life forever changed.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” – Carl Bard


dr chocolate said...

Hey just wondering....where do you BUY your truffles???? You must make mega bucks to be able to GIVE AWAY truffles with such abandon???

From I know something everybody else doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mom said...

I love your quote!!!! Sooo good.
And I love that DR. CHOCOLATE thinks he knows where you got those truffles!!!


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