January 13, 2010

A Life Worth Living

At what point during your existence do you finally realize what it is that God wants you to do with your life? When I was eleven I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I talked to one, realized I would have to be in school for seven years, and vetoed that idea. Of course, if I add up all the years I was in school, I might as well have become one – cause at least then I’d have a profession.

I woke up this morning feeling frustrated with myself for not having picked a major that led straight into a career. This is a bizarre thought to come traipsing into my mind, especially considering the fact that I’m a very spontaneous person. I love change. I love flying by the seat of my pants. So for me to wish that I had a more “set” future is somewhat disconcerting. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what exactly I want, or wish, I could do with my degree. I’ve considered counselling, PRC’s, youth drop in centers, high school guidance counsellor, and the list goes on. Of recent, I’ve been dwelling more on the idea of an addictions and community services counsellor. It’s funny because when I tell people where my interests lie, most respond with: “Hmm. That’s a difficult field to get into. You’re going to have a hard time”. First of all, I just have to say – thanks for the vote of confidence (most of these people are strangers, or people who have only scratched the service, so I don’t feel so bad laying it out there!). I don’t doubt that it takes a specific individual to be able to compartmentalize the different emotions and individuals that you can come into contact with in a day. It is by no means an EASY job – but oh so rewarding! Can you imagine what it would be like, twenty years after you’ve been in that position, to receive a letter from a former client – informing you just how much you changed their lives, how they are back on their feet, how they are making a difference now. It would be worth it, even just to say I helped one person.

By no means am I venturing down this road right now. I’m in the “Hey God, is this idea worth pursuing?” phase. I’m collecting ideas. I’m researching. I’m networking. I’m excited to see what God’s plan is. I was out for lunch today with some girls from work, and one of them, unbeknownst to her, encouraged me so much, just by saying “You’re so young. You have tons of time to figure things out. Enjoy where you are...and let God lead you where you’re supposed to be. Right now you have your nose up against a massive mural. But at some point God’s going to ask you to step back, and then you’ll be able to see the whole painting. And, oh how beautiful it’s going to be!” I’m excited. Did you catch that vibe? I’m excited!!

“Often the real test of courage is not to die, but to live” – Conte Vittorio Alfieri


mom said...

oh LG....Loved your blog today!! How great that you are thinking of persuing this. I know you will be GREAT at whatever you do, and helping people is what you do!! Even when you don't know you do...
You are an amazing girl and she is right, God will pull you back and let you see the big picture one day! All the colours will make sense, and you will be just where he wants you to be!! love you seetie.

MOBACH'S said...

I love that image of Little Laura with her nose pushed up against HER mural...alarms a ringin and security guards all upset that she touched her picture!! But your friend is so right... God is slowly revealing your picture and get you excited about the little bit he is revealing and when we start to see things that aren't there ( maybe that missions trip) he pushes your little nose right back in and starts the process over till u see what he painted!!
love your blog!


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