January 22, 2010

Lunch time happenings

It has become a recent tradition for me to evacuate the dance floor – wait, no...that would be a Cascada song. Not possible to evacuate a dance floor am I right?! Definitely necessary to evacuate the work premises during lunch hour though.

There’s something about getting out in the fresh air, roaming about a grocery store, basically anything to clear the head before returning to work. It’s a healthy tradition I think. I drag my partner in crime along with me for the ride. Sometimes we do work related errands (on our lunch break – I know...that’s how dedicated we are to our jobs!!). We frequently find ourselves occupying the floors of Chaps. Magazines beckon us. Mundane reading. We stare at computer screens long enough during the day to really appreciate the feel of paper between our hands. Shiny paper. Yes. Trees died. We know. And for that, we are thankful because in their own way they brought us back some sanity – even just for a moment. To make it up to them we buy no bags for our groceries and instead carry them all by hand. Just our small way of saying we care about the environment!

And now, I find myself at the mid-afternoon marker. Friday night. Almost time to go home. Weekends excite me. You get to sleep in. You get to clean or bake. You get to hang with friends. If you’re me, you stay up way later than you would on weekdays. I’m just glad that when the whole “work week” thing was established, someone had brains enough to include a weekend. Those of you who work seven days straight are a) crazy and b) my heroes cause I know I’d never survive. One summer I worked at a bottle factory (oh what fun!), and four 12 hour shifts a week was enough to make me thankful for a 40 hour week. Actually, I think I was meant to be a permanent part-timer. Meant to live somewhere warm. Meant to work part-time. Heck, I’d even just volunteer if I didn’t have to pay bills. Someday. Sigh. Someday.

Well these random Friday afternoon thoughts were brought to you by slight boredom. Enjoy. And relish in the fact that it’s the weekend. I know I will be!

“Always strive to excel, but only on weekends” ~Richard Rorty


mom said...

Oh LG...you are sooo little.
I loved it!!
One day LG...One day!!!

love you


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