January 12, 2010

Week two, and still going strong

Culturing attempt number one did not come into fruition. How is it that an entire weekend can pass so quickly? I am pleased to report, however, that I was able to take time to pamper myself.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the spa located below my work, gives away gift certificates to all us employees who are brave enough to park elsewhere – in order to allot more parking spaces to their faithful clients. And so, I braved the storming weather, and parked across the street...thankful that it would only be 10 days before a glorious $100 gift certificate would appear on my desk. I survived. My car, on the other hand, took a major hit. One frightful day I returned to find that someone had broken into my car and stolen all my CD’s and the change from my ash tray. I know you’re probably thinking – “How dare they steal your ash tray money”...RIGHT?! I know. I know. It was a mere $1. But still. That’s my grocery cart money. It’s not often that I find myself carrying a loonie around and so I had made a habit to leave that dollar in the car so I would always have it. I even had the self-control to resist spending it on a coffee. Of course, I was deeply saddened by the loss of my CD’s as well. This is the second time I’ve had them stolen – last time from my Festiva. And what’s worse is I can’t fully remember all the CD’s that were in those cases. Basically, I’m starting from scratch again. Sigh.

Alls that to say – the $100 gift certificate was more than earned and I was excited to treat myself to a little TLC! So Friday evening, Becks and I made our way to Spa Utopia and a glorious hour later, we left, completely relaxed, and sporting beautifully manicured hands.

In the midst of relaxing in the lounge in the back, while sipping a “Spa Signature” drink (apple juice, lemon, a mint leave, and Rooibous tea...so delish), I started to wonder what it is about pampering that causes you to view yourself in a more positive light. For women too, I think we enjoy the idea of getting to catch up with our girlfriends – there were three ladies in the lounge just as giddy as ever. And of course, me and Becks were pretty animated too – at one point Beck had to remind me that “quiet whisper voices” were expected in the lounge. There’s just something about soothing music, dimmed lights, organic dried fruit and the smell of eucalyptus that makes you forget about money problems, relationship issues, work stress – everything fades into the background, and for 60 minutes (or however long you can afford to be there) you revel in the fact that you can be care free. Sad that I can only afford to revel in that fact once a year – but revel I did! And now back to reality. Until next time!

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” – William James


MOBACH'S said...

there was only one thing missing from that lounge .... ME!!!

Laura E. said...

Amen Sista!


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